Legal Assistance

Legal assistance describes a range of legal services, from the provision of generic legal information and advice, to representation by a legal professional in court. The definitions and descriptions of different types of legal assistance used in this report are given below. We acknowledge that, in practice, it can be difficult to differentiate between these different forms of legal assistance

This is where a trained legal professional gives you information and advice about your rights, how the legal system works and how it will affect you. It is a good idea to seek legal assistance if you come into contact with the law in any way - including as a defendant (as in you have been accused of committing a crime), or as a claimant/plaintiff (where you are seeking justice for violations of your rights - eg suing a person or institution).

Ideally you would get legal assistance from a lawyer who specialises in the specific area of law concerned. For example, a criminal lawyer if you are accused of a crime, a civil law (sometimes called ‘tort’ law) specialist if you are suing someone or a human rights lawyer if you are specifically claiming under human rights law. 

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