A contractor is someone who holds a larger image. They usually have staff or they can use other work that your home needs to do. It is usually the general contractor to maintain and run the construction business. The contractor keeps everyone involved focused and keeps the project completion process in a timely manner. It is the general contractor's responsibility to come up with a contract for the total construction costs.He will balance all costs according to subcontractors, the needs of your home as well, and your budget. Hiring all sub-contractors, obtaining permits and planning construction is the responsibility of the general contractor. Must be aware of any build code requirements.He will be the one to enter with you to ensure that the construction is in accordance with the timetable you have agreed upon.


A builder is someone who manages all the stages of the construction of your home - from the foundation to the fence, walls, typing and roof. Other equipment details, such as electrical wiring, plumbing, heating and water supply may not be his sole responsibility, but he can pass this on. Builders often work just to build a house from the ground up and rarely participate in building an entire house.

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